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Green Little Darling Table Lamp

4295 SEK

Little Darling Table Lamp GREEN
Green with green marble
Artnr: LTL02

The design is inspired by the very striking height difference between the designer and her husband. She being short and he being tall.
Darling it's time to shine. With ninja Love!

Available in 4 color combinations:
PINK LTL01 Pink with green marble
GREEN LTL02 Green with green marble
LIGHT GREY LTL03 Light Grey with White marble
BLACK LTL04 Black with black metal base

Product information:
Little Darling Table Lamp, Design Swedish Ninja
Measurements: Hight 47 Width 35 Depth 22cm
Marble foot 22cm, Cloche 16cm

Material: Marble, Leather, Opal Globe, Metal, NEW Dimmer, Textile overlay Cable with a brass hue.
Other: CE European standard, E14
Shipping: 4-10 days. 
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We belive design should make you smile!  :-)

 /Love The Ninja crew